vRA recruiters possess significant hands-on experience in financial services which they leverage with extensive proprietary resources to  deliver successful results. vRA maintains extensive databases that contain thousands of industry executives nationwide and we track market intelligence through an industry leading provider. Our 5-step research-driven process delivers results:  well-qualified candidates who are thoroughly vetted and fit seamlessly into our client’s company culture.


Corporate Goals & Company Culture

stepsbox1vRA conducts a consultation with the key decision makers involved with the search.  When appropriate, we help our clients develop a hiring team to establish a common vision and define the characteristics of the executive that can achieve the client’s goals while meshing with company culture.

Position Requirements

Responsibilities & Compensation

stepsbox2 By utilizing our resources and expertise, we work with our clients to define the requirements and responsibilities of the position, as well as develop an appropriate, realistic compensation program.


Screening & References

stepsbox3vRA utilizes a targeted strategy to identify and contact potential candidates nationwide and locally. We screen and conduct telephone interviews with the most viable candidates, presenting the client with resumes for the top tier.


vRA then discuss the candidates with the clients, including overviews of the candidate's work experience, education, and compensation history, and determine which candidates will proceed in the process. In the final stages of the search, we conduct thorough reference checks with our network of industry professionals, as well as the references provided by the candidate.


stepsbox4vRA works with our client to develop a competitive compensation package, as well as recommend and negotiate the offer with the candidate.


Transition Coaching

stepsbox5We connect to our candidates to assure that they become long term contributors to our clients.