stepsbox1To make an informed decision, whether about vRA, our client, or the position, we provide you with as much information as possible. Our promise is to speak openly and candidly about all phases of the recruitment process, including: Requirements and skills; Compensation; Relocation; Client culture and organization structure; and Pathways career growth. During initial conversations, when you are still being evaluated as a potential candidate, vRA is under no obligation to provide information about the position or the client. Only after you have been identified as a qualified candidate and/or signed a Mutual Disclosure Agreement (when required by our clients) should you expect the consultant to disclose more than the most basic information. There are situations when information about the client must remain confidential until late in the process.


When you become a vRA candidate, we recognize that you take on a certain amount of risk with your current employer. For that reason, we assure that you are afforded the highest level of confidentiality possible. We always obtain your permission before submitting your name and/or credentials to our client. After our first conversation, we proactively request the best ways to communicate you. For example, if directed, we will avoid using company email. We do not contact the references that you provide without your permission. We caution our clients to also safeguard your confidentiality.

Courteous and Professional

vRA will demonstrate a high level of professional courtesy with each and every candidate, always providing a clear understanding of the position and the client’s expectations. vRA will demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the market and the client, and answer all your questions in an honest and forthright manner.

Respect and Trust

vRA understands that your current position demands your full time and attention. When scheduling appointments and interviews, vRA will work with our client to respect your time, your position and your responsibilities to your employer. vRA believes that the best placements happen when the candidate has the time to reflect and make a thoughtful decision. vRA wants to help you make the best decision for you, your family, and your career.

Timely Communication

The completion of an executive search can take months, with many steps between initial contact and the ultimate hire. Once you become an active candidate, vRA promises to communicate with you in a timely manner at each and every step of the process. This means updating you on the progress of the search and responding promptly to your inquiries. vRA will provide you an honest appraisal of whether or not you fit the opportunity. If at any point in the process the client decides not to proceed with you as a candidate, vRA will provide as complete an explanation of the client’s decision as possible.